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    Săo Tomé & Príncipe 2011
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Only for QSOs with S9DX between February 04th, 2011 and February 17th, 2011.

Our Online-QSL-Request-System is closed. You can send your QSL directly or via bureau to get the QSL-card from S9DX.

Bureau:  via DL1RTL

Direct: SAE and postage return ( cash or IRC* ) to

  Heiko Mann - S9DX
  Gaggenauer Str. 81
  14974 Ludwigsfelde

*) Note: We only accept new IRCs valid till 31.12.2013

One word regarding postage return

Postage for a standard envelope  (maximal 20 grams

  • to DL
       - SAE with  0,55 EUR
  • to all others countries worldwide
       - SAE with 0,75 EUR or  1 EUR or 2 US $  or 1 IRC

QSL requests with insufficent postage return go back to the sender via QSL bureau.


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