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Bulletin #16 (september 12th, 2011)

OQRS now set to "inactiv"; please send your QSLs via direct or via bureau.


Bulletin #15 (july 18th, 2011)

S9DX applied for:

  1. DXCC
  2. Tripple Play Award


QSL-status (july 18th, 2011)

all QSLs out !
all QSOs uploaded to LotW !


QSL-status (march 16th, 2011)

Now we'll start to send out QSLs in following sequence.

1st - to members of DX-foundations with a QSL service which supported us by donation
2nd - to individual sponsors
3th - to users of our QSL request system with sufficient return postage
4th - to all direct QSL request senders with SAE and sufficient return postage
5th - special LOTW upload for supporters
6th - LOTW upload, all other QSL requests not mentioned above


Bulletin #14 (march 11th, 2011) 

DXCCs we reached from S9DX - here


Bulletin #13 (February 22nd, 2011) 

Individual sponsors added to our homepage - see here 


Bulletin #12 (February 16th, 2011)

All good things must come to an end and after 13 days of operation the S9DX DXPedition has come to its final QSOs. Overall around 66,697 contacts were made. It was achieved by a small team of eight operators ranging in age from 21 to 71 years old with different backgrounds and different amateur radio experience. Detailed planning and preparations started long before we made the first QSO and in the end allowed us to achieve our goals. The three stations consisted of Elecraft K3 transceivers, Tokyo Hy-Power THP HL-550fx amplifiers, MicroHam MK II interfaces and SteppIR antennas. It has been great fun for us to please the ham radio community world wide with the ability to work a new country, on a new band or mode. There may as always have been something that could be improved but we tried our best to provide a contact. We realize that many wishes were fulfilled and as a whole the amateur community was well behaved when it came to the pileups. We should never forget that amateur radio is a hobby. Thanks to all of you who made our DXPedition a success and we apologize for those who did not make it into the log.

For the team of S9DX
Harry, DM5TI 


Bulletin #11 (February 13th, 2011)

After two nights (10/11 and 11/12) with less or little qrn, yesterday strong qrn has returned on 80m and 160m. Anyway, quite a number of successful dx contacts made their way into our log thanks to the patience of callers. Very few calls were above noise level and for most calls it took some effort to pull them out of the noise garbage here.

Thanks to rising solar flux figure the upper bands open widely and we hope for many contacts today and the days to come. Unfortunately today we registered only weak signals on 10m and 12m dispite the high solar flux figure. Would EU stations please allow slots for distant locations such as VK ZL JA when so requested. We will be on 160m and/or 80m from 21:00z every evening with a view to JA. Here too, the usually high qrn level may however be a hurdle for successful contacts.

The log uploaded so far does not include the logbook of the WPX RTTY contest (well over 2,000 qsos), which will be added on one the next days.

We will give 6m another try today evening around 22:30z on 50,102 cw. 


Bulletin #10 (February 12th, 2011)

We will today give 6m a try at 16:30z-16:45z and at 20:30z-20:45z, check 50,102 cw. 


Bulletin #9 (February 11th, 2011)

The first halftime of S9DX has passed. Thanks to your cooperation 38,251 qsos (as of 11feb2011 09:38z) have been logged so far. 

Reading your comments in our guestbook and in the dx-cluster is part of the daily routine of all eight operators and a valuable source of feedback. However, we cannot react immediately on requests or hints in the dx-cluster because there is no WLAN coverage of the shack and thus no internet and dx-cluster access in the shack. All online comments are read afterwards only. 

Almost all directions are clear from our position - except south. We are situated at a north peak of the vulcano island. In our back (south of us) the hill of the vulcano rises and blocks good takeoff to VK/ZL. Many VK and ZL calls made their way into our log but this remains to be our difficult direction. 

S9DX will participate in the CQ WPX RTTY contest at the weekend. We are looking forward to work you! 

We will close our operation as S9DX as follows: Two stations and most antennas will be taken down on Wednesday, 16th February 2011 at 14z. One station will remain active until Thursday, 17th February 2011 early morning. This station will be using a SteppIR BigIR vertical (10m to 40m). There is not enough time between sunrise and the departure of the boat to put down and pack a larger antenna. There will be no 80m and 160m coverage during the night of 16th/17th February 2011. 


Bulletin #8 (February 9th, 2011)

Four days of continuous operation have shown the reliability of our equipment, consisting of three Elecraft K3s and three Tokyo Hi Power HL-550kfx and HL-1.1kfx. The antenna setup includes a SteppIR 2ele yagi, a SteppIR BigIR at the beach, triple-leg antennas for 17m and 30m, a groundplane for 80m and a L-shaped vertical with a SGC SG-235 automatic tuner for 160m at the beachfront, with the radials dipping into the sea. We will meet the mark of 30,000 qsos today.

We usually upload our logbook daily   at least we try : internet access on the island may temporarily be disconnected, as last weekend or yesterday night. We will commence uploading as soon as possible after reestablishment of internet access.

On 80m and in particular on 160m we face tremendous problems by qrn at a level around s9. This makes operation very difficult and we ask our qso partners to transmit at low speed and to repeat when requested. The feedback received indicates that our signal can generally be heard much clearer on your side. There is not enough space available in the hotel resort compound to set up a beverage or other receiving antenna unfortunately.

We follow closely your comments in our guestbook and are grateful for the positive feedback and suggestions received so far. It encourages us to continue our efforts to offer as many radio amateurs to work S9DX as possible. We also considered a few concerns about the width of the pileup window. With a view to the overwhelming number of callers past weekend the only option was to invite everybody to spread out more than usual. This was the only option that gave us a chance to pick up calls fast enough. We will now try to narrow the bandwidth covered as much as feasible. We strive to make this expedition a success and to accommodate the interest of the family of ham radio amateurs.


Bulletin #7 (February 8th, 2011)

Listen to the 15m pile up!!! This are about 10-15 kHZ split.... No chance for getting a whole call.... The whole world is calling us. But we love it! :-))



Bulletin #6 (February 7th, 2011)

Just updated the online log due to no internet connection since saturday. Cracked the 15.000Q´s mark today in the morning. We have to work big split because of the tremendous pile ups. No chance to work a 5khz split in CW. Everything and everyone is in a good shape.

Our 160m antenna is working but we have QRN at S9. We try to build a RX antenna soon.


Bulletin #5 (February 5th, 2011)
After a long trip we arrived the island at noon yesterday. We were very tired and needed a lot of sleep so the three stations didn´t work all night long. But today we are going to prepare some more antennas and keep all stations running.
Antenna setup is not completed yet.
Bulletin #4 (February 1st, 2011)
BINGO! Our parcel arrived just today at the destination! Now a big problem is solved.
We are ready for go!
Stay tuned .... we could be on the air with one station on February 4th, roughly 18z.  We will be complete equiped in the late afternoon of the next day.

Bulletin #3 (January 20th, 2011)

We are happy to inform, we are able to run 3 similar stations now. Our whole stuff is in a good shape and ready to go. Our biggest problem is the restriction to only 20kg/person baggage by airlines.  This makes the DXped very complicated. Overweigt is not payable ( 50Euro / Kg for one way )

We sent some stuff to Sao Tome by a renumated parcel service.  After more than 25 days we have no information where our packege is still now.....  :-(


Bulletin #2 (January 04th, 2011)

Info for all "grid-hunters": our QTH is right on JJ30GA


Bulletin #1 (September 07th, 2010)

We got our S9-license! Our call is S9DX !
Everything is scheduled and in time. Flights, accomodations and so on booked and confirmed. Equipment already tested partly.

Focus of effort is to make ready our equipment  in view of our weight limitation.



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