DXpedition S9DX
    Săo Tomé & Príncipe 2011
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If you was lucky and got us in the pileups, perhaps you think about "how you can help".....

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Thank you great operation
17.02.2011, 23:51:44
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Great operation guys. Really enjoyed chasing you. Only worked one band and then headed to the mountains skiing. Only had a home made doublet and a 100wt TS2000 up on the north side of a 1291meter mountain and in a valley. Managed to get you on seven bands on my club call and another few on my home call. I am amazed at your skill in finding low power station in the middle of all the HP amps aimed at you. Really enjoyed the DXpedition! 73 Bob KB1JZU/W1SLF 

17.02.2011, 23:47:35
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Hi congratulation to all team emoticon ,
thanks fer 11 qso 2 new modes & 3 new bands.
pse correct 15m rtty in wpx rtty call not F4FDAV just F4FDA
hpe get you agn from another qth in future
73 David  

great ops
17.02.2011, 18:28:16
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Great job guys your ops handled the pilups very well,it was fun chasing you on the different bands.
73 Terry

Many Thanks for all the QSO's!
17.02.2011, 17:27:17
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Some of the best DXpedition operating I have seen. On par with ZL8X, VP6DX, etc.... Kudo's!
73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09nm... sk 

Thanks for a Great Operation
17.02.2011, 15:54:17
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You have set the bar on how to do it. Your pileup control was fantastic even with the few Jealous LIDS that QRM the frequency. Even with my weak 100W station you pulled my Washington State signal out of the noise. Thanks. I operated from VQ9 and KG4 and if I ever had the chance to do a DXE again It would be with a group like yours.
Scotty W7PSK. 

Super DX-expedition
17.02.2011, 13:49:50
Hallo Leute,
danke für die vielen QSO´s und die vielen vielen Bandpunkte.
Tolle Arbeit, Gratulation.
Kommt alle gut nach Hause
Grüße aus der Heimat
Richard, DG9MDM 

Thanks Very Much
17.02.2011, 12:36:54
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I think the headline says everything. A great DXpedition, done by a great bunch of guys. Job well done. Thanks and have a safe trip home.
Best 73...
73 De Mike

17.02.2011, 10:41:46
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What a great DXpedition!! You guys were great! Thanks for the new mode and new band countrys!!

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