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    Săo Tomé & Príncipe 2011
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If you was lucky and got us in the pileups, perhaps you think about "how you can help".....

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Grüsse Aus Maryland
23.02.2011, 05:47:04
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Ich habe mit S9DX am 16.02.11 um 0042 UTC gearbeitet. Leider hat der Funker mir seinen Namen nicht gesagt. Ich brauche seinen Namen für mein Logbuch. Danke!!emoticon  

22.02.2011, 07:18:07
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Thanks for all the great job that you made there. You guys put your time in service of hams with great results. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! (tree times thanks for each QSO!)73, Pet, YO8RIJ  

22.02.2011, 00:11:31
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Vielen Danke fur diese DXpedition, you have done a vy professional job.
Among my QSOs with S9DX, I worked you on 17 mt. ssb Feb. 11 16.04 but the call in your log is IK0EBR instead of mine, IK0EFR: could you please correct it? Thanks a lot.

20.02.2011, 17:34:21
Great team, big signals, very good operators, as always from DL ops. I had much pleasure to heard and worked with S9DX !!! 73! 

20.02.2011, 06:14:08
Very nice team!But similar situation as VP8ORK has heard and worked only on one 40M band cw mode!I'm very sorry! 73 de rw9fm mike 

Tku fer picked up
20.02.2011, 05:20:17
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Thank you so much for you picked up my small signal of 100w / dipole antenna .QSO Feb.17th 00:32z 14.0114Mhz , 73s & GL to all of S9DX, 

Log Online
19.02.2011, 12:59:17
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The last log update is now online! 

Thanks ped!
19.02.2011, 06:07:03
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Thank you very much for your good Pedition.
BTW What time upload to the end QSO log ?
Thanks you
73 de JA1MSS 

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